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The Two Dollar Diet in a Nutshell...

       Losing weight isn't always easy. appleYou need a strong commitment to fight your way through all of the challenges. It also helps to have a supportive community and a weight loss program that keeps your attention. The $2 diet provides all of that. More importantly, the $2 diet stands for a tremendous cause that needs all of our attention.

      People stay committed to goals that encompasses something larger than themselves. When presented with a cause worth fighting for, you'd be surprised how much people step up. That's what the $2 diet is really about. It is a structured approach at dieting that makes weight loss more about helping others and raising awareness.

       Here's the deal: a large percentage of the people on our planet live on only $2 a day (or less) and are barely surviving. Starvation is the number one cause of death in our world, responsible for more deaths than all crimes, wars, or natural disasters combined. Sadly, starvation is also the most treatable of all causes of death.

       Over here in America, we spend an average of $21.57 a day on food and one out of four of us is obese. We spend nearly $80 billion annually on dieting, and another couple hundred billion on health care issues related to obesity. Have you ever just taken a moment to ponder how ironic it is that while a majority of the people on earth are desperate for food to survive another day, the rest of us in developed nations are spending hundreds of billions of dollars on dieting and obesity?

We are too busy trying to survive obesity to help those in our world trying to survive hunger

       It's time that we let these two problems cancel each other out! The challenge that we are presenting to you is to stop spending even more money on diet programs,burned pills and such, and instead live on only $2.00 a day for a predetermined period of your choice (three weeks is recommended at first) in order to lose weight and raise awareness. Then, donate the money that you would have spent on food (and perhaps dieting too?) to a great charity that is fighting to end world hunger, such as the It's a win-win for everyone!

       We need to step up and accept the challenge to lose weight in a way that helps the people in our world that need it most. Please, do your part and together, we can all make a huge difference in our world and get some weight off of our hips. So sign up with your email and download the eBook to get started today!

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